Digital Editing & Restorations


A one-of-a-kind historical photo like this, severely damaged by time and neglect, used to require slow and costly hand restoration. Even skilled retouching by this method is subject to the interpretation of the retouching artist, resulting in a somewhat stylized approximation of the original. And little can be done about skewed perspective caused by the original photographer. Left as is, this photo will continue to fade and degrade until the image and it's history are gone forever... and that's a tragedy!


Thanks to digital technology, Glasgow Photography can now scan your deteriorating photos, and electronically correct exposure, color, perspective, cropping, and even rebuild missing areas by cloning similar existing areas - producing a finished print that is accurate, and actually better than the original of so many years ago! A film negative is then made from the corrected digital file, and b&w, sepia toned, or full color prints can then be made in any size desired. New life for an old family treasure!

Digital Image Editing is Perfect for:
* Historical Photos * Family Heirlooms * Portrait Corrections * Special Effects *
* Product & Ad Photos * New Backgrounds * Group Additions & Subtractions *
And So Much More!

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