Meet the Crew...


Hi, I'm Keith... welcome to the site! Most of the year we hang out on the OTHER side of the camera, (our clients prefer it that way) but around Christmas time we can occasionally be found horsing around in front of the lens. Sons Sam (left) and Tim (right) are worthy assistants around the studio when they're not ushering the Super Mario Brothers through some pepperoni pizza induced dreamscape in cyberspace. Ours is a family operation... the crew having cut their teeth on f-stops & shutter speeds, and taken their turns on the photo-assistant merry-go-round. All, I'm pleased to report, have survived relatively unscathed, and can be spotted from time to time in the studio, or during a location shoot. 

Meet Beth

You may have met Beth during one of her school or daycare visits, assisting at a wedding, or maybe a prom. She wears many hats around the studio, from graphic artist to commercial sales, to special project coordinator. In fact, this particular photo was done for a Glasgow Photography magazine ad, which means that Beth can also fill the bill as a creditable model. She is wildly talented, and considerably better looking than the male contingent of the business... that's why we send her out to actually interact with our clients. She is far less likely than I to frighten children and small animals. 

Here's Ellie

You might also see Peter or Ellie at a wedding, prom or commercial shoot. Both are gracious pinch-hitters when things get busy, and are genuine people-people! Although Caleb is not quite ready for prime time, we don't expect it will be long before he wants to get in on the action. That look on his face promises the full implementation of his imagination and wit when that moment comes... 

The official Glasgow Photography logo has a rich and exciting history. The image is actually that of Keith himself - circa 1979 - posing with a Mamiya 645 camera, shot in high contrast silhouette profile against a backlit translucent 48 inch umbrella. The particularly astute observer will notice a slightly fuzzy chin (back when he had only one) indicating that yes, Keith did indeed have a beard when this photo was taken. Since then, our logo has become synonymous with versatile, high quality and unusually innovative Commercial Photography and electronic imaging for families, business and industry.

The Fascinating Story of our Famous Logo

This animated variation on the official logo has served us as a rubber-stamp on web sites we have created for commercial clients. Many small companies enjoy the "one stop shop" that we provide, as photography, design, layout, copy writing, printed materials and web page services are combined to meet their advertising needs. We thought a little animated light would get some attention and draw curious viewers to our site!

Thanks for visiting... and check back often for crew updates behind the scenes! 

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