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At Glasgow Photography you're not just another face on the portrait photography assembly line. Right from the start, you'll experience the friendly, personal, one-on-one service that has been our hallmark for so many years. And now as we begin our second generation of service to the tri-county area, we're even more committed to the ideals that have served us so well. Sensitive, intuitive portraiture that communicates your unique personality and outlook, offered in a warm and friendly atmosphere - just what you'd expect from a small town, family owned and oriented business. Let us help make your image come alive... all at prices that will keep you smiling long after the session is over!

A CONSULTATION prior to your sitting is not necessary, though you may schedule one if you wish. Most often, answering a few questions by telephone when you book your sitting is all that's required.

FEEL GREAT to look great! It may seem obvious, but the better you feel, the better you'll look! Get plenty of rest prior to your session, and don't hesitate to reschedule if you're feeling "under the weather".

HAIR AND MAKEUP are your responsibility. Bring along a comb, brush, and any makeup that you normally use. Makeup is particularly recommended if you are prone to oily skin. A shiny complexion should be avoided.

CLOTHING CHOICES vary greatly depending on the look you wish to achieve. For your formal head & shoulders studio pose, we recommend medium to darker colors, avoiding busy prints & patterns. LONG SLEEVES ARE A MUST - short sleeves, or sleeveless shirts or dresses are not usually conducive to a good head & shoulders portrait, although they are great for wider poses like a 3/4 or full length. White, or very light toned shirts & blouses should be avoided unless worn with a darker vest, sweater or jacket, or unless you desire a light hi-key (white on white) look. Ask us for details.

EYE GLASSES can present reflection problems, especially in the studio, and tinted glasses, even those that "lighten" indoors, are especially troublesome - they will always look darker in photos. To allow us to use the most creative and flattering lighting, we suggest you bring a set of empty frames in the style of your choice. Often your eyewear provider will make these available to you at no charge. You'll save on retouching services and look your very best!

PERSONAL PROPS are welcome to create a "personality pose". Bring along musical instruments, sports gear, hobby items - you name it! Larger props like cars, motorcycles, & larger pets require a location session. Get creative!

Any pet small enough to be safely held in your arms or on your lap is welcome in the studio. We do ask that you please bring your pet in a pet carrier when coming into the studio. Due to pet-born allergens, and the fact that most of our muslin backgrounds cannot be washed, larger pets must be photographed outside, or on location.

LOCATIONS for specialty poses can be selected as you wish, or we can recommend area parks or public areas that work well for particular kinds of poses. If the weather is uncooperative, we will reschedule your session. Call early if in doubt.

The concept is simple - you design your personalized portrait sitting based on the backgrounds, outfits & locations you want. Next add your own props to create unique “personality poses” that tell the world who you are. From traditional head & shoulders poses to customized multi-outfit, multi-location sessions, the possibilities are unlimited! Several convenient proofing options offer a flexible & economical means to select the pose(s) you like best, or we can select the best pose of each set if you prefer. All on-paper proofs are yours to keep... no deposit, no return! Once you've selected your favorite poses, a rainbow of package and print options await you. Let us help you create a lasting memory with photography designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget! Pre-sitting consultations are always welcome, but not required.

Ordering packages or single prints is easy! First select your pose(s), then build a package, or if you wish, order your prints individually as Single Prints & Enlargements. You can order as many packages as you like from as many poses as you choose. Or, for larger orders, choose the Multi-Pose specials for the greatest savings... the possibilities are unlimited! And don't forget plenty of wallets, wall enlargements, presentation folders & easels so you can share the memory with friends and family in style.... you know they'll love 'em!

SITTING FEE PLUS PROOFING OPTION plus tax is payable on the day we shoot. Yearbook or publication images will be sent to your school after your order is paid in full. If you have not placed your order when yearbook images are due, there will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE of $25 payable in advance, to prepare and send your yearbook images. 

PROOFING OPTIONS give you a wide variety of choices to fit every need and budget. There are no deposits or return deadlines to worry about. When choosing individual proofs  you can specify how many images you want to choose from. All on-paper or on-disk proofing is yours to keep. Internet proofing is available for viewing 24/7 for a minimum of 14 days. Plus, you’ll receive special bonuses when you place your order within 10 days of receiving your proofs. Wow!

RESHOOTS will be done at no charge only in situations where our photographic technique has produced unsatisfactory results. Though we work hard to assure you will look your best, we cannot be responsible for unpleasant facial expressions, bad hair days, the "wrong" outfit, or a less than cooperative subject. The portrait process is very much a cooperative effort in which you, the subject, are an integral part. The best results occur when we work together!

TERMS OF SALE: Finished packages will be ready 3 to 5 weeks following your order. Yearbook images will be included at no extra charge, and will be sent to your school. Your finished order must be paid in full when placed, and includes free shipping to any US address at no extra charge if desired. 

Feel free to call or email us with your request. We are happy to send you an info packet, or arrange for a consultation if you like. We look forward to working with you this year!

Glasgow Photography...
Friendly, Affordable,

Bring your own props
& create a Personality Pose!

Personal service, creative poses, and a guaranteed good time ~ that's how we do it at Glasgow Photography. Why look anywhere else?? See you soon!


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